I believe that everyone truly DESERVES to do what they set out to do. The world is waiting for your unique gift to shine through and inspire others.

Lisa is an AAMET Certified EFT Practitioner and Business Coach. It is her mission to help solo entrepreneurs and holistic therapists overcome the second-guessing and feelings of unworthiness which can freeze us in our tracks when it comes to our business.

Lisa uses a combination of marketing knowledge and EFT to create a sturdy, confident foundation for her clients, where thoughts of “Am I good enough?” become a thing of the past. Lisa mostly works one on one via Skype, gently encouraging everyone she works with to feel a deep connection to their inner wisdom, tapping away the usual “small self” concerns and inner chatter. This facilitates a relief from feeling stuck, overwhelmed and worrying about the future, allowing those she works with to recognise their inner strength, gifts and abilities with confidence. Lisa specialises in creating clarity around specific business goals and assisting her clients to experience ease and joyful forward momentum.

Through Lisa’s work as a business coach she has mentored many EFT and Holistic Practitioners as they navigate the marketing minefield, and provided a platform for them to learn new techniques and concepts through one on one coaching, short courses and in “The EFT Marketing Lounge” which is a fun and supportive group on Facebook. Lisa is passionate about helping others succeed in their business, as she understands the emotional stumbling blocks which can trip up even the most knowledgeable and resilient business owner. Lisa firmly believes that everyone should have the best chance possible of achieving what they set out to do.

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