EFT for Everyone Book 


Lives of countless people have been changed around the world with EFT.
I use these life changing techniques daily, they have greatly improved my life and could do the same for you.
EFT really is for EVERYONE.


My passion is to raise the awareness of EFT and get it out to the masses. With this in mind I have compiled this book with contributions from a number of inspirational people within the EFT Community.

This is how it all came about:
Having never dreamed of writing a book, it was a surprise when the idea came during a session visualising the future with a good friend and therapist. It was so clear; the title, the structure, everything, so I knew I had to do it.

As we know, knowing and doing are definitely two different things. I had no idea where to start but am very blessed to be part of the North West UK EFT Group. Mark Bristow who runs the group has mentored me through the whole process, he having already been through the process of writing a book was able to lead me through the steps and avoid the pitfalls he had discovered.

With gratitude I have been amazed at the level of support and encouragement from all the co-authors and others in the EFT community who are keen to write a chapter for the next book. (Yes, there is going to be a next one!) The reason being that there are so many wonderful experiences out there that it seems selfish not to share them.

The book has been a real labour of love, well most of the time, over the past 2 years! I have learned a great deal about myself, also people’s fears and thoughts that hold them back. I am living proof of the effectiveness of EFT as I have used it myself during this process and the book is evidence of that.

I’m sure you will enjoy it, find it interesting and use the knowledge to benefit you and your family.

It would be wonderful to hear how you have used EFT in your life and to receive more examples of how it is helping people all over the world. Please email me or contact me here via the Facebook Page.

Take Care and Happy Tapping
Gillian x