Within you is the power to shine your light and be whatever you desire...

Deborah D. Miller, Ph.D. in Cell and Molecular Biology, EFT Expert and Trainer, Deeksha Giver, Reiki Master, Nutritional Guide, Personal Motivation Guide and Internationally recognized author, is passionate about helping people feel empowered and capable of maintaining a healthy state of mind and body.

Deborah understands the necessity of working with the emotional aspects underlying ‘dis-ease’ within the body and the need to cleanse and nourish the physical body. Her volunteer work with children with cancer has led Deborah to a heart-felt, passionate and inspired goal of helping a 1,000,000 people prevent future illness (mental, emotional or physical) using the simplest, easiest and most economical methods.

She is the author of the “The Dragon with Flames of Love”, a Tapping book dedicated to empowering adults and children facing the challenge of a serious illness and “Green Drink Red Drink”, which provides information and recipes on how to add healthy greens to your meals.

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